Welcome to the Quest Calculator!
The purpose of the quest calculator is to allow you to keep track of the quests you have completed, quests you can complete and the skills you need to train to be able to complete quests.

How does it work?
It's simple. When you sign up you type in your Old School RuneScape username (the one you see in-game) and when you sign in the website will automatically grab the scores from the official RuneScape hiscores. These will then be used to see which quests you can and cannot complete.

When you are signed into the website you have the option to update your hiscores manually by going to 'scores->update' however this will be done automatically when you next sign in.

How do I manage my quests?
To manage your quests you must first go to 'quests->manager'. Once you are there, all you have to do is tick the quests you have completed, then click 'save' at the bottom! It's really that easy.

The 'Quest Manager' is all different colours, what does it mean?
It's really simple:
    Red: This is a quest you cannot complete because you do not have the required levels/quest points or have not completed the required quests.
    Orange: This is a quest you can complete.
    Green: This is a quest you have completed.

You can check what you need for a quest by expanding it, this can be done by clicking on it.

Do you have any future plans?
I am currently in the process of making a skill calculator. It will be totally written in Javascript. It will automatically load all of your skills and current XP, meaning you will not need to manually type them in.

Please remember this is a work in progress and is nowhere near to being complete yet. I will update this page when I have a rough estimate of the release.

I found a bug!
If you have found something wrong then please contact me by twitter (@Jammy780).

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