Jammy Furniture Mod
Latest Change Log:
- Updated to latest Forge and Minecraft 1.6.2

Previous Change Logs:
- Updated again to fix a tile entity bug (v4.3 only)
- Upgraded to Minecraft 1.5.1.
- Updated some item icons.
- Other various bug fixes.
- Upgraded to Minecraft 1.4.7.
- Updated to latest forge.
- Fixed blinds massive hitbox.
- Added a mini Christmas tree (sorry its so long after Christmas!)
- Edited the way block ID's are loaded, if its your first run Forge will automatically find a free ID to make it work with other mods (same with items).
- Upgraded to Minecraft 1.4.6
- Fixed shift click crash, although the washing machine, dishwasher and cooker still do not work (but don't crash anymore).
- Made it so you can now get water from a sink.
- Updated some recipes to match the website.
- Upgraded to Minecraft 1.3.2/1.4.2/1.4.4/1.4.5.
- Upgraded to latest Forge.
- Added a dishwasher! You can now repair tools!
- Updated some models/textures, they now look better!
- Added variations to the arm chair and sofa parts.
- Added a radio.
- Added a pet basket in four colours.
- Reduced block ID's by half!
- Updated some interfaces.